Personalized Nutrition Testing

Eat According to your Genes

The Nutrigenomix® 45 Gene test provides you with the latest that science has to offer in personalized nutritional counselling.

Learn how your genes are affected by the foods you eat and how your unique genetic makeup influences how you respond to different foods and nutrients.

The answer may be in your genes

Comprehensive genetic testing consists of 45 genetic markers and provides actionable information for weight management, nutrient metabolism, heart health, food intolerances, eating habits and physical activity.


NEW – Comprehensive genetic test for plant-based diets consisting of 70 genetic markers

Summary of tested items

Nutrient Metabolism ( Vit. A, B12, C, D, E, Folate, Iron, Calcium)
Cardiometabolic Function (Caffeine, whole grains, sodium, omega 3, saturated fat)
Weight Management (Energy balance, protein, saturated fats)
Food Intolerances (Lactose, Gluten)
Eating Habits ( sugar prefernce, starch digestion, eating between meals)

Physical Activity (power, strenght, endurance, pain, achilles tendon injury)





Tests for 45 genes and provides actionable information for weight management, nutrient
metabolism, heart health, food intolerances, eating habits and physical activity


All that is required to test for these important diet-related genes is a simple saliva sample. The sample
will be taken by your healthcare professional and sent to the laboratory for analysis.


The test does not predict or diagnose any disease or health
condition. With the information from your test results, your healthcare professional will be able to
provide you with dietary advice tailored to your individual genetic profile.


Generally speaking test results will come back within 3 to 4 weeks


Test results are sent back to your practitioner who will then schedule a follow-up visit with you to go over the results and prescribe a protocol based on results.


Many health care providers will cover testing, although it is best to confirm with them prior to testing.