I just listened (couldn’t stand to watch it) to the documentary called Making the Connection while creating dishes for my next cookbook.  Marlon will be here tomorrow for a photo shoot and have been cooking for hours!

It mainly speaks about a vegan lifestyle, the benefits, ethics and some very disturbing information on animals are treated.

The documentary can be found at http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/making-connection/

I myself am not vegan.  I follow a mainly plant based diet but due to my food sensitivities to legumes, it makes it difficult to be vegan.  So for myself, i would call myself a pescatarian which means it eat fish on occassion.  I do not drink milk or milk products nor do i eat eggs.

I thought i would share this documentary for those of you who may be interested in a vegan lifestyle or want to know more about veganism.

Anyways, for tonight, i will stick with my plant based diet.

Here is my veggie burger and baked onion rings….yummy