There’s nothing more frustrating than watching itchy pets constantly trying to scratch an itch that never seems to go away. Whether it’s an environmental allergy or sensitivity, or the eternal diagnosis of “unknown,” If your pet is conventionally treated, then most likely your pet will be prescribed medications or maybe a change in dog food.

Unfortunately, my experience with these “itchy” dogs usually does not resolve with medications or changing from one kibble to another. In fact most pet owners find that stopping medication only makes the itching more intense. (2)

Holistically speaking, we need to address the underlying issues that are presenting with the itchy symptoms.

Allergies and the Immune system – There seems to be a genetic tendency for increase in allergies. Generation after generation it gets worse for our pets. Some likely contributors are over-vaccination and the suppression of the immune system. 1

In most cases the immune system of our itchy pets is in an overactive state. Interestingly, food sensitivities and intolerances are actually 15x more prevalent than true allergies. In fact, reactions to food lie at the base of the pyramid in the whole scheme of allergies. (1) Environmental allergens could also be a cause such as mold, dust and pollen. (3)

So how do we find out what our pets are sensitive to? There are tests that can be ordered such as Nutriscan.(2) If you are open to alternative energy techniques, I have had great success using dowsing as a way to detect sensitivities. Of course, dowsing is not a replacement for medical treatment it is solely used as an evaluation tool.

The next step once you have determined what the allergies and sensitivities are is to heal the gut and support the immune system. When consulting with owners of my pet clients, we once again use dowsing as a energetic diagnostic tool to determine what is needed. Of course, you can also consult with a Holistic Vet who can also guide you.

Ultimately, allergies and/or sensitivities can greatly affect your dog’s quality of life. By finding and limiting the triggers,supporting the immune system naturally and restore gut health, the healthier and happier your pup will be.