Beginners Guide to Growing Microgreens


Sat Mar/18/2023    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Microgreens are the young seedlings of vegetables, herbs, beans, and grains.

Join me as I take you through the steps of growing your own microgreens.

The seeds are grown in a high density in flat containers for a very short period of time. Dozens of plants can be grown as microgreens, offering a variety of colours and flavours

While some varieties work better or are easier to grow, you don’t need special seeds to grow them.

What do you need to grow microgreens at home?

  •  shallow trays (eg. take-out container) – some with drainage holes and some without
  • A sterile growing medium (i.e. potting soil, coconut coir, hemp mat)
  • Water (pH neutral and chlorine-free)
  • A spray bottle
  • Seeds (either buy or use what you have, eg. chia seeds, mung beans, lentils)
  • Something to cover the tray (another tray set on top works great!)
  • A  weight. (soup can, brick etc.)
  • Either a grow light or a sunny window. This is only needed for a few days and the microgreens will still do ok in even low-light conditions


Cost – $5