Recipes include wheat free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian dishes

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Salmon Burgers

These burgers are great either grilled or baked. 1 can wild salmon 1/2 cup peas or other vegetables of choice, chopped finely 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1 cup spinach, chopped finely 2 egg whites, 1 egg or Egg substitute Salt and pepper or spices of choice  ( lemon,...

Almond Crescent Cookies

This is such a great cookie because they are not only gluten free, but they are flourless and they freeze well. So this holiday season, treat your guests to these delicious and healthy cookies. 4 cups almonds 1 1/4 cups sucanat or coconut sugar 3 egg whites 2 tsp....

Orange Cranberry Loaf

Fresh cranberries, which contain many beneficial nutrients, are at their peak from October through December, just in time to add their festive hue, tart tangy flavor and numerous health protective effects to your holiday meals.  If you happen to find organic...