Constipation is a symptom that most people have experienced at one point or another in their life.

Of course, normal bowel movements vary from person to person and but doctors will often tell clients that a range from 3 times a day to three times a week is quite normal.  Of course, as a holistic practitioner, too frequent and not frequently enough are signs of imbalance in the body and are not considered “normal”.

In my practice, my definition of constipation can be determined by any of the following:

infrequent bowel movements (less then 1x per day)

difficult to pass bowel movements or straining to pass bowel moments

  • painful bowel movements (before, during or after)
  • less then 1 foot of stool per day

In most cases chronic cases of constipation can lead back to digestive issues, food sensitivities, not enough fiber or lack of water.

Acupuncture treatments are usually very effective in relieving constipation.  The cause of constipation according to Chinese medicine can be divided into two broad categories excess type and deficiency type.

Heat type constipation
Dry and hard stool, difficult and painful elimination, Extended time between bowel movements, more than three days, abdominal fullness and pain aggravated by pressure, dry mouth and bad breath, flushed face and restless, desire for cold drinks, scanty and yellowish urine.  Treatment: Acupuncture is very successful with this condition.

Qi Stagnation Constipation
Normal to dry stool, straining during bowel movement and sensation of incomplete evacuation, abdominal fullness and a distending hypochondriac pain and frequent belching.  Treatment: Acupuncture is very effective for this type of condition.

Cold Constipation
Normal or dry stool but very difficult evacuation, pale or pallor complexion, abdominal cold pain or even prolapsed rectum, desire for warmth and aversion to cold, cold limbs and soreness in the knees and the lumbar region, profuse and clear urine.  Treatment: Acupuncture would be effective but would be slow to respond unless herbs are used.

Qi and Blood Deficiency Constipation
Normal stool, strained elimination and sweaty and exhausted after bowel movements, blood deficiency marked by very hard and dry stool but regular bowel movements, pale and lusterless complexion, dizziness and palpitations, listlessness and lassitude, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating.head.  Acupuncture would be effective but would be slow to respond unless herbs are used.

If you feel any of the above conditions describes your constipation and you would like to try acupuncture, then please book an appointment today.